• Terry Kelly Memorial

    Date posted: September 30, 2018

    In August members of MPWS met with family and friends of the late Terry Kelly to commemorate his work with the MPWS.  We met at the concrete fish statue at the foot of 31st Street in Courtenay. A plaque in Terry’s memory has been added to the base of the fish statue. Terry is greatly […]

  • Watershed Walk Sept 23rd 2018

    Date posted: September 16, 2018

        Millard Creek Public Nature Walk, September 23   The Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards invite the public to a free guided nature walk on Sunday, September 23 starting at 2pm.  Meet at the concrete salmon statue located at the junction of 31st Street and Courtenay River Walkway. You will learn about salmon life histories, their habitat requirements, […]

  • Water Quality 29 Aug and 5 Sep 2018

    Date posted: September 6, 2018

    Water levels have been very low due to the high heat and almost complete lack of rain. A small shower on 29th Aug was not enough to help. However, water quality has not been too bad. Ph was a little low and temperatures higher than the average acceptable at the end of August. But testing […]

  • Water Quality August 8th 2018

    Date posted: August 21, 2018

    Bill, Neil and Linda C went testing on the 15th Aug after another week of heat with no rain. The Oxyguard meter still seems to be registering on the high side, but did show that there was very little oxygen in Piercy Creek at River meadows farm. Piercy under the connector bridge was dry, as […]

  • Water Quality Aug 8th 2018

    Date posted: August 9, 2018

    Sheila and Linda ventured forth to wrestle with brambles,  5-bar gates, electric fences and a blazing sun to test the waters this week. We were pleasantly surprised to find water running in Piercy Creek at Cumberland Road…a place where we have often had to rescue fry when the creek runs dry. This time the fry […]

  • Dismantling the counting fences June 2018

    Date posted: June 28, 2018

    On a very wet day several of our stewards met at the Millard fence to begin dismantling it. As a result of the rain, there were quite a few smolts in the counting box at each location, so these had to be counted and released before work could begin. Here are some photos of the […]

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