August 1st 2017 water quality testing

On 1st August Sheila and Linda Mc ventured out through the summer jungle of growth to test the creeks. After a very wet winter, we had had little rain for nearly 8 weeks. The creeks were still flowing in all locations, tho Piercy under the Connector was barely moving and the quality was low. There looked like there were some fry there, but the light was too difficult to confirm. Fry were sighted in Piercy at River Meadows, Trib 1 at Millard Meadows and in the Rearing channel at the confluence.
Oxygen in Piercy at the connector and River Meadows was low at 5.6 and 5.7 respectively. Temperature was slightly higher than the recommended average at these two  locations and also at Cumberland Road and at Trib 1 in Millard Meadows. At Piercy at Cumberland Road pH was also a little low, possibly because the low flow there was mostly from ground water.

Results can be found here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 8 Aug01

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