Millard Piercy Stewards receive Award

At their recent meeting, MPWS were given an award from Project Watershed recognizing our efforts to ‘Keep it Living’ here in the valley. Above we have a photograph of the Board with the Award.

Stewards set up the fish counting fences on April 17th

All three fish counting fences were set up on April 17th 2019, ready for counting to start the next day. Below is a photo of the Millard fence and the volunteers who set it up. This year the boxes are painted a whole array of colours..amazing!

Water Testing April 17th 2019

Sheila, Linda Mc and Jim went testing on 17th April. All sites were within the provincial guidelines and after a week of light rain showers the water levels were good and running clear. Trillium and Fawn lillies were in flower and making the woods look pretty! Click here to view results:MPWS-Water-Quality-2019-4-Apr17.pdf

Planting along Piercy Creek 13th April

Thanks to those who helped out with the planting adjacent to Piercy Creek Estates yesterday.  This project, funded by the Rotary Club of Strathcona Sunrise and planted by our group, Rotary and the City of Courtenay was successful in that some of the gaps in the streamside vegetation will be slowly filled in as the […]

Smolt Fence Building April 17th

The fences will be installed April 17 & 18 so, if you are able to assist, please meet at the Millard site at 9:30 am on the 17th.  A couple of us will go to Chip’s place beforehand to load up the components.  Bill has had the holding boxes in his garage for a couple of […]

Shrub Planting on Piercy Creek, Saturday 13th April 10.00

Shrub planting work party behind Piercy Creek Estates located between Cumberland Road and 20th Street this coming Saturday, April 13 starting at 10am: This is a joint project between Rotary Club of Strathcona Sunrise, the City of Courtenay and Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards.  Rotary is funding the plant purchase (although the City may supplement this with additional plants) […]

Garbage cleanup on Piercy Creek

Adjacent to Piercy Creek in south Courtenay an exceptionally large area of garbage was found at an abandoned camp site. As some of garbage had fallen into the creek and there was concern about possible leaching of toxic substances, a decision was made to clean up the site.  A work party of volunteers from Millard-Piercy […]

Water testing March 27 2019

Sheila, Linda C and Jim S went testing today, a beautiful sunny spring day. With very little rain recently all water levels were quite low for this time of year and turbidity was low, except for at Marsden Road. All test results were within Provincial guidelines. No fry were seen. There was a total contrast […]

Water Testing Nov 15 2018

Sheila, Cheuey and Linda Mc went out testing after a night of heavy rain. Water levels were quite high and turbidity was up, but not above provincial guidelines except for Piercy main at Cumberland Road. Sheila had been overzealous in cleaning the membrane on the oxygen meter and it was not happy and we could […]

Clean-up on Piercy creek Wednesday, 28th November 2018

As many of you are aware there is a lot of garbage left by homeless folks who have been camping adjacent to Piercy Creek in the property just south of River Meadow Nursery.  Some of it is entering the creek and presents a hazard to the health of the stream and, eventually, the estuary. We […]

Water Quality Nov 8th 2018

Sheila, Jim and Linda C went testing on Nov 8th  on a cloudy cold day. Water levels were a little lower than the previous week, but the creeks were flowing well. All results were within the guidelines, with oxygen levels high. Results can be seen here:MPWS Water Quality 2018 11 Nov8