Water Quality Oct 17th 2017

The usual Fall water testing program started on Tuesday 17th October, 2017, when Bill, Bruce and Ron went testing on the day after the first big storm of the season.  Piercy Creek under the Connector bridge was too turbid for testing. Otherwise all results were acceptable, except Conductivity was very high at the Piercy Creek […]

Water Quality August 29 2017

Bill and Marcia ran the tests on 29th August. Although no rain had fallen, the longer nights cooled the waters down and only Piercy at Cumberland had temperature over the recommended level. Oxygen level was very low at Piercy at River Meadows farm, but acceptable everywhere else. Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 […]

Stewards Meeting 17th August 2017

Our stewards met at the Red Tree Cafe for an informal meeting to bring everyone up-to-date on projects underway and plan for the Fall. A dozen stewards managed to make the meeting. Robin informed everyone of the Slomp farm project now underway on Piercy creek. Current Environmental are working to create pools and riffles on […]

Water Quality testing August 22 2017

Sheila, Linda and Bill did the rounds today on a sunny day with no rain having fallen for over 7 weeks. Millard creek still had a steady flow of water and Trib 1 of Piercy was reduced, but still flowing. Piercy was overheated at Cumberland Road and at River Meadows, even Trib 1 was over […]

Water Quality Aug 15 2017

Sheila and Linda Mc did the rounds of testing on August 15th. After 7 hot weeks with only 1 shower of rain, it was surprising that Piercy was still flowing at Cumberland Road and above the Slomp farm. Under the Connector, Piercy was completely dry and pretty sluggish south of River Meadows farm. There, oxygen […]

Water Quality August 8th 2017

Sheila and Linda Mac went out testing on 8th August…on a sunny, but smokey day with the temperature in the 20’s and with no rain for several weeks. Piercy was not flowing under the Connector and at River Meadows the creek was low in oxygen (61% ) and over 19 C. Other locations tested had […]

August 1st 2017 water quality testing

On 1st August Sheila and Linda Mc ventured out through the summer jungle of growth to test the creeks. After a very wet winter, we had had little rain for nearly 8 weeks. The creeks were still flowing in all locations, tho Piercy under the Connector was barely moving and the quality was low. There […]

Water Testing May 2017

Bill and Neil went testing on a cool, cloudy day. Our DO meter was not working and so they could not test dissolved oxygen or % oxygen or temperature. After some rain the turbidity levels were  high in Piercy Creek at Cumberland Road and at Marsden Road. pH was borderline….on the low side at several sites.Here […]

Fish Fence engineers

The fish fence at Millard has been giving us, and some fry, trouble this spring due to the constant rain pushing the water levels up.  Steve and Robin were out in all their waterproof gear fixing the fence recently and were caught on camera by Wendy! Photo below!

Water Quality April 2017

Sheila, Cheuey and Linda Mc tested the waters and counted smolts on April 20th, a lovely sunny day after a lot of rain. The creeks were running medium high and turbidity was increased because of this. Piercy Creek at River Meadows and at the Connector were high turbidity, but just within provincial guidelines which show 6.5 […]

Installing fish fences

Several stewards braved the very wet weather and worked on installing the fish fence on the Millard Rearing Channel and one at a new location on Piercy Trib 1.  Wet wellies was the order of the day. There was lots of acton and as the day got wetter, some problems with the mud! Photos not […]

Water Quality Testing March 2017

Cheuey, Marcia and Sheila went to test the waters after a night of heavy rain on March 22 2017. As expected, turbidity was high in every site except Millard @ Minto which was only 0.09 NTU.  We added another site to our testing routine, at the Millard fish fence just up from the footbridge. The […]