Watershed Walk May 26th 10.00

The Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards are hosting a  public nature walk with the focus on salmon of the Millard system, their habitat, challenges and what our group is doing to help increase production. The walk  will start at 10am Saturday, May 26.  Meet at the concrete fish at the junction of the Courtenay River walkway and […]

Water Quality 5 March 2018

Sheila, Linda Mc, Cheuey and Jim Sharpe went testing on a chilly day. The woods were rather drab with only the smallest signs of spring. The undergrowth was flattened, giving good views through to places normally unseen. The creeks were running at a moderate level, very clear as there had been no rain in the […]

Piercy Creek restoration and enhancement at Slomp Farm

The project to enhance Piercy Creek mainstem on the Slomp Farm is now complete.  Riffles were created to bring oxygen into the waters and woody debris and pools added and developed to improve habitat. The final report with a map and some photos can be viewed here:Slomp Farm Piercy Creek Enhancement  

Spawner Count 2017

Robin reported that this year has proved to be a difficult one for spawning salmon counts in the Millard-Piercy watershed.  Initially, very low stream flows likely prevented salmon from entering the system then later, heavy rains raised water levels and created turbid conditions making observation of fish difficult at times. In spite of weekly walks […]

MPWS AGM November 30th 2017

MPWS are holding their AGM in the Cumberland room at the Westerly Hotel in Courtenay on 30th November 2017 at 6.30. All are welcome. We will be discussing what is working for the group and what is not working so well and what action should be taken. The Agenda is here:2017 MPWS AGM AGENDA

Water Testing Nov 14 2017

Well – after so long without rain, we have had a huge amount lately and it was deemed to risky to go out testing on this, our last day of testing for 2017. The creeks are high and so is the wind with the danger of falling branches adding to the rushing water and slippery […]

Water Testing Nov 7 2017

After several days of unusually cold weather and 2 snow falls, Sheila, Linda and Ron went out testing, slithering around in the snow in some areas,  on a chilly morning with temperature at 2C and full cloud cover.  The turbidity meter was too cold to calibrate at first, but it later warmed up and we […]

Water testing 31st Oct 2017

Sheila, Linda Mc and Roche went testing the creeks on a cool, sunny morning after 2 weeks of no rain. The water levels in the creeks were quite low with Piercy very sluggish under the connector. But all tests were acceptable, except for the oxygen reading at the connector. The turbidity was very good everywhere. […]

Water Quality Testing October 24th 2017

Sheila, Linda Mc. and Roche enjoyed doing the rounds of water testing on a sunny day. There had been no rain for several days and so all sites had clear water with a good flow. All sites tested well within the provincial guide lines. No spawners were spotted in the creeks, which was a surprise […]

Water Quality Oct 17th 2017

The usual Fall water testing program started on Tuesday 17th October, 2017, when Bill, Bruce and Ron went testing on the day after the first big storm of the season.  Piercy Creek under the Connector bridge was too turbid for testing. Otherwise all results were acceptable, except Conductivity was very high at the Piercy Creek […]

Water Quality August 29 2017

Bill and Marcia ran the tests on 29th August. Although no rain had fallen, the longer nights cooled the waters down and only Piercy at Cumberland had temperature over the recommended level. Oxygen level was very low at Piercy at River Meadows farm, but acceptable everywhere else. Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 […]