Water Quality Testing 27th Oct 2015

On Tuesday, 27th October 2015, Linda and Sheila tested the creeks. All results were within the guidelines for October. Once again, Copperfield was dry and could not be measured. We were pleased to find a pink salmon had reached the confluence of Piercy main stem and Trib 1, where the new channel has been created. The Piercy […]

Water Quality testing Sept 15th 2015

Terry and Bill tested on 15th September, 2015.  The Oxygen meter was unreliable so those results are not recorded here.  Water temperatures were back down to acceptable levels now that the heat of summer has passed and the nights are longer and cooler. Turbidity was good nearly everywhere, tho Millard at the confluence was at […]

Water Quality Testing September 8th 2015

Bill and Terry were out testing on Sept 8th. Cooler weather had brought in a reduction in water temperatures, with only the site at Willemar showing a high temperature. Turbidity was up a little, but not of any consequence. Unfortunately the  Oxygen meter was not reading too well so those results are not reliable. The results […]

Water Quality Testing 1 sept 2015

Bill and Terry tested on Sept 1 st. The weather had changed and there had been some rain in the previous week. Temperatures were all at acceptable levels (below 17 C) .  Piercy at Copperfield was still dry, as it has been since May. Results can be seen here:MPWS Water testing 2015 9 Sep01

Water Quality Testing August 2015

Sheila and Cheuey tested on August 18 and Sheila and Phyllis tested on 26th August 2015. Temperatures were high on the 18th after a very hot dry summer. Oxygen was not too low, however,  and fry were seen at several locations. On August 26th temperatures were more acceptable. On both days the water volume was […]

July 2015 WQ testing

Sheila and Cheuey tested on Monday, 13th July to see how the creeks were faring during the current drought and heat wave. Two sites, Piercy Creek at Willemar and  at River Meadows were  warmer than guidelines suggest (max 17C) . Ph was quite high all round, but not above guidelines and oxygen was good. Tho […]

Piercy Fry Rescue in June 2015

On 17th June, 2015, several stewards “rescued” an estimated 1,500 coho salmon fry plus several trout from Piercy Creek adjacent to Piercy Creek Estates and released them into the enhanced side channel of Millard Creek at the point where the smolt counting fence was set up this year.  Piercy Creek typically drys up into a […]

Water Quality Testing May 2015

Sheila and Cheuey were out testing at the end of May after a long period of unseasonably dry, warm weather.  Water levels were low, with Piercy at Copperfield already dry.  Ph was quite high at most locations, but not above acceptable limit. The spring at Marsden had very little volume and was high in temperature […]

Water Quality April 2015

Sheila and Cheuey tested the waters on a cool, drizzly day in April. Oxygen levels were high  and ph was fine. Unfortunately the turbidimeter had a battery connection problem, but visually turbidity looked very low and of no concern. Testing results are here: .MPWS Water testing April 2015

WQ March 2015

On March 14th 2015, a sunny morning, Terry and Bill tested the regular sites. All results were acceptable, altho the temperatures at all sites except Willemar were cooler than the provincial standard of 8.0 C. This is always the case in the Comox Valley in March. This year, on average, the temperatures were warmer than […]

Heavy silt run-off into wetland

The wetland and a pond north of  Millard creek,  by the creek mouth, is suffering from heavy silt run-off.  There are fish and frogs in this area. With the new housing development the volume of water running into the wetland has increased, as it is no longer being absorbed by the land, and it runs […]

Water Quality 11 Nov 2014

Linda Mac, Cheuey and Steph went out testing on the afternoon of 11 November 2014, a clear, cool day.  All sites were in good shape. A coho was spotted in Piercy above the confluence, judged to be 18 ” long. Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 11 Nov 2014