Water Quality Aug 8th 2018

Sheila and Linda ventured forth to wrestle with brambles,  5-bar gates, electric fences and a blazing sun to test the waters this week. We were pleasantly surprised to find water running in Piercy Creek at Cumberland Road…a place where we have often had to rescue fry when the creek runs dry. This time the fry were in the creek in the shelter of the bushes and OK. Piercy under the connector bridge was the only dry spot.

The DO meter had high readings, but I think this was because we did not leave in the water an extra length of time needed because of the warm weather. It was around 30c. Because of this I have not recorded some of the temperatures as I think they were not correct. Next week we will have to allow for the high temperatures by slowing sown the measuring time.

We found fry at several spots and many freshwater mussels in Millard Creek at the confluence. Results can be found hereMPWS Water Quality 2018 8 Aug 8

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