Water Quality testing Aug 9 – 23rd 2016

Testing was started earlier in the month this year to keep in line with testing carried out in the Nanaimo Regional District. Sheila and Phyllis performed the testing. On the 9th Aug four locations on Piercy Creek (around River meadows, the Connector and at Piercy Creek Estates on Cumberland Road) were showing higher temperatures than the average temperature recommended (17 C). Piercy in the lower area was a little low in oxygen. All other tests were good for this time of year.Test results here:MPWS Water Quality 2016 08 Aug09

By the following week, on the 16th, Sheila , Linda and Steve found that the heat of August had kept the temperature of those same sites higher than  the average temperature and even Millard Creek was up over 17 C in two locations ( at the Comox Logging Road site and at the confluence). Piercy at the Connector and River Meadows was very low in oxygen, reading  5.7 and 5.0 respectively.  At this time of year below 6.5 is not good.Test results here:MPWS Water Quality 2016 08 Aug16

After a little rain and cooler night temperatures, the readings were better on 23rd August when Sheila, Linda and Melody tested. All the water temperatures were acceptable and only Piercy at River Meadows showed low oxygen, at 4.8…very low.  On the plus side, it is a long time since we had water to measure in Piercy around the Connector and at Cumberland Road. So that is good.  Fry were plentiful in the new reach of Trib 1 and some were seen in Millard at the CLR and in Piercy at Cumberland Road. Two beds of freshwater mussels were noticed in Millard Creek above the confluence.Testing results here:MPWS Water Quality 2016 08 Aug23

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