Water Quality Testing May 2019

Sheila, Jim and Marcia went out testing on 27May, 2019. Water levels were low for this time of the year and temperatures were high. All results were below the provincial parameters for this month, but only just. But we found fry at many places. Below are the results.

Millard Piercy Water Quality May 2019

Sunny, 17C no recent rainDislvd Oxygen% Oxy  satTemp.PHConductivityTurbidityGauge
Millard @ Minto9.29414.27.81700.22
Millard @ 3270 CLR10.3102.414.68.41701.16Fry
Piercy Trib 1 @ Arden10.312.314.87.961501.930.1
Piercy at Connector8.1883.716.27.91901.6
Piercy @ River Meadows6.6165.315.37.62301.25Fry
Trib 1 sth of RMdws9.4595.815.67.21403.31Fry
Piercy @ Confluence8.987.5157.231600.83Fry
Millard @ Confluence10.198.5146.831700.41Fry
Channel @ Confluence9.1189.714.97.461600.5
Millard @F. fence10.3101.414.97.21600.71
Piercy @ Cumberland Rd9.4195.515.57.32700.72Fry
Piercy at Marsden South8.2783158.141800.56

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