Water Quality Testing Nov 11 2019

November 11th Helmut, Linda Mc and Sheila went testing on a damp day with intermittent rain. It was 8 C. There had not been enough rain to increase the water levels in the creeks and consequently the oxygen levels were down a little from the previous week. All sites were good except for Piercy Main at Marsden Road where the water was green, had DO of 4.00 and turbidity of 27 NTU. Provincial guide lines specify that 6.3 is the upper acceptable level of NTU, and 6.5 for DO, so the turbidity was cause for alarm. Consequently we took samples in two sample jars. This result was reported to the RAPP line (for reporting poachers and pollution) but nothing has been heard back from them as of Nov 13th. We noticed signs of elk in Millard Meadows and only one spawner in the lower reaches of Millard, a chum. There were many mussel shells in Millard near the confluence, presumably the raccoons had been busy there, or mink. The results can be seen here:MPWS Water Quality 2019 11 Nov11

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