Water Quality Nov 9 2020

Helmut and Sheila went testing on November 9th. It was a cold day and the recent cold weather seemed to be too much for the LaMotte meter which we use to measure turbidity as it could only give an error message, no measurements. However, as we have had no rain for several days, turbidity was […]

Water Quality Testing 2 November 2020

Helmut and Sheila tested the waters again on Monday, 2nd November. It was a cloudy day, but not cold. All tests were good, tho pH was a little low in some spots. Water volume was moderate as we had had no rain in the previous few days. This kept the turbidity low too. We  saw […]

Water Testing October 26th 2020

Sheila and Helmut went testing on  26th October. It was a chilly morning with clouds and no sunshine.  Water levels were moderate, still not up to regular Fall levels.  Water temperature was low everywhere just like this time last year. Oxygen was good everywhere but Marsden.  Fish were only seen in Millard near the fish […]

Fall Water Quality Testing

Robin and Sheila went to test the waters on October 19th, starting our Fall ‘wet weather’ testing series.  Rain had fallen over the weekend and water levels were improved, definitely not high, but good enough for the spawners to go up the creeks. Water quality was good everywhere, except at Piercy Main on Marsden where […]

Clean up below Connector Bridge over Piercy Creek

We are pleased that the terrible mess under this bridge has been cleaned up with all camping debris, bikes and so on removed and replaced with sharp rocks to deter further camping there. Here are the details:Clean up Connector bridge2020  

Water testing 14 Sept 2020

On Sept 14th Helmut and Sheila tested the waters. After several days with thick smoke in the air blocking the sun the water temperatures were noticeably lower than our previous tests. The longer nights  also help keep the temps lower and oxygen higher. With no rain since mid-August, water levels were very low. However, there […]

Water testing Aug 24th 2020

Sheila and Helmut tested the waters on Monday, 24th August.  There had been some heavy rain on the previous Thursday and Friday causing  the water quality to be noticeably improved from the week before, tho water levels were still low.  Temperatures were down and oxygen levels up, quite high in some locations. Fry were spotted […]

Water Quality Testing

Sheila, Helmut , Sarah and Charlie (aged 5 yrs) started testing the water quality on 10th August, but , unfortunately both the oxygen meter and the conductivity meter were not behaving. So, after an hour or so, we decided to abandon testing for that week. Charlie did spot a crayfish in Millard up at Comox […]

Water Quality Testing Nov 11 2019

November 11th Helmut, Linda Mc and Sheila went testing on a damp day with intermittent rain. It was 8 C. There had not been enough rain to increase the water levels in the creeks and consequently the oxygen levels were down a little from the previous week. All sites were good except for Piercy Main […]

Water Quality Nov 4th 2019

Marcia, Helmut and Sheila went out testing on the 4th November 2019 on a cool drizzly day. The water levels were still low for this time of the year as we have had little rain. This meant that turbidity was good at most sites. The only site with unacceptable results was at Marsden Road, where […]

Millard Piercy Watershed Stewards AGM 10th December 2019

MPWS will be holding their AGM at Creekside Commons on Tuesday, 10th December, 2019 at 7.00pm. Speaker will be Tim Ennis, Executive Director of CV Land Trust and a Director with Project Watershed. The subject will be ‘Bats’

Water Quality Testing Oct 30th 2019

Sheila, Marcia and Helmut went testing on 30th Oct on a sunny, chilly day. We found that the creeks were running very clear and oxygen levels were good except at the site below Knopps Farm on Marsden Road. There oxygen was very low and the creek smelt strongly of cow manure. Weather has been dry […]