Caring for the Watershed

The Need for Restoration and Stewardship

Our monitoring and assessment results show that the Millard Piercy Watershed requires attention and action to protect its many values.  Additionally, we have identified the major impacts that affect our Watershed. Unless we change the way we use the land, negative impacts on the health of the Watershed will increase. 

The Top 5 impacts to the watershed are caused by:

  1. Removal of riparian vegetation
  2. Pollution from residential areas such as garbage, poorly maintained septic systems, household cleaners, vehicle maintenance, and lawn care products (i.e. fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides)
  3. Pollution from agricultural land in the form of fertilizers, pesticides and manure runoff
  4. Pollution from industries
  5. Residential construction causing siltation in streams and increased impervious area

Find out how you can help



I want to help. How can I get involved?

There’s many ways to be part of the Millard-Piercy Watershed community!

  • Learn more about nature
  • Become a member to engage and connect
  • Join as a volunteer
  • Get stewardship tools and knowledge;
  • Take action!

Learn more about how you can help


Landowners within the Millard-Piercy have an important role to play in caring for the watershed.

In our Living in the Watershed page you can find stewardship tips, resources and more information for landowners.


Development in the watershed has a major impact on the watershed. Care can be taken to minimize the impact and even improve the watershed through thoughtful development.

Check out the Development in the Watershed page.

Local Government

Find tools and information about the Millard-Piercy watershed.

Go to the Local Government page.

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