Coho fry Update

On March 6/13 there was a successful transfer of coho fry from the Kiwanis hatchery with an estimated 9,000 or so being released into Piercy Creek just below the culvert crossing Marsden Road and 4,000 or so being put into the cap trough at Chip’s hatchery. The latter group join the 5,000 already in the cap trough bringing the total to around 9,000 (this is only a very rough estimate–the total will be confirmed later when they are fin-clipped just prior to release). The two groups in the cap trough are temporarily separated by a screen which will be removed in a few days.
Thanks to Chris Longman, Dave Davies, Jim Palmer and Marvin Haave for being involved with the transfer.
The fish from both sites appear to be in great condition thanks to the conscientious husbandry of Chris Longman who has single- handedly looked after the eggs and alevins at both sites since last fall. As Chris is leaving for work at the north end of the island, it is up to the rest of us to look after the fish through to their release sometime in May. This involves daily feeding and ensuring that the water is flowing without blockages, a process that should normally take only 30-60 minutes. I am setting up a feeding schedule so please contact me if you would like to be involved.  If you have not been involved before, training will be provided.

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