Fall Water Quality Testing

Robin and Sheila went to test the waters on October 19th, starting our Fall ‘wet weather’ testing series.  Rain had fallen over the weekend and water levels were improved, definitely not high, but good enough for the spawners to go up the creeks.

Water quality was good everywhere, except at Piercy Main on Marsden where the oxygen levels were very low. Piercy creek surfaces just up above this site as a spring and spring oxygen levels are lower than other areas. For comparison we also test Millard Creek at Minto Road below where it springs from the ground.  There is a significant difference between the two tests with Piercy oxygen at 5.3 and Millard at Minto being 7.5. At this time of the year a measurement below 6.5 is  considered unacceptable. This time the turbidity at Marsden was improved.

Results can be seen here:MPWS Water Quality 2020 10 Oct 19

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