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A cyclist rides onto the boardwalk on a trailVisit the Watershed!

There are a number of walking, hiking and biking trails within the MPWS Watershed for you to explore.  You can download the Millard Piercy Watershed Trails Brochure, or keep reading to find out more information.  Stay tuned for a new Self Guided Interpretive Walk currently under development.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”
Baba Dioum

Piercy Creek

Distance: Approx. 150m of gravel trail.

Mode of Travel:  bike or walk

Access: Park at the south end of Willemar Road and walk back about 50 meters to the gravel track behind the Cousins Road industries. Take the trail at the end of this track and follow it about 100 meters through the woods next to Piercy Creek.

What You Will See: Look for beavers and the beaver dam across Piercy Creek. This dam is creating a new wetland where naturalists have spotted six different varieties of dragonflies. Beaver made side-channels are great for new, small salmon fry to escape rushing winter flows.

Millard Nature Park

More information on this walk can be found on the Comox Valley Naturalists Nature Guide for Millard-Piercy.

Distance: 0.5km trail.

Mode of Travel: walk


  1. From Fraser Road, close to Cliffe Ave. The trail enters the Nature Park close to the Mailboxes
  2. On Anfield Road, close to Cliffe Ave.  Look for the large Interpretive sign.

What You Will See: A beautiful trail that runs through the woods alongside Millard Creek. This is an excellent example of older, second-growth mixed forest and is a great place for watching birds. If you go down to the creek you may observe some coho fry. Listen for nesting eagles in the spring and summer.

The Millard Estuary / Conservation Area

Mode of Travel: Walk or Bike

Access: Turn off the Old Island Highway onto Millard Road and park at the corner of Millard and Sandpiper Roads next to the ocean. A path, which is part of Courtenay’s Riverway Walk, enters the forest at the bottom of Millard Road. From here you can walk north toward the estuary, along established path and boardwalk.

What You Will See: This is one of the best birding areas in the Courtenay River Estuary. In Oct/Nov see chum and coho adults make their way up the stream to spawn.

 The Millard Estuary / Conservation Area

Mode of Travel: hike or advanced biking

Access: Park at the end of Lanyon Road and enter the trail from the public access south of fenced private property.  Bring a compass, GPS or someone who knows the area. There are many trails and connections throughout the area.

What You Will See: These trails are not maintained. These logging roads let you explore a young forest and see the headwaters of Piercy Creek.  A great place for bird watching and wildlife tracking .  Look for signs of deer, raccoons, cougars, wolves and bears.

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