MPWS AGM report Nov 10th 2016

A roomful of Millard Piercy Stewards gathered on Nov 10th 2016 for our AGM.

.Below are the main points raised and discussed at the meeting.

1.Discussion of activities and projects.

MPWS continues to maintain our activities related to fish and water monitoring and has had increasing input and impact on development monitoring and riparian protection though participation in CVCS.

The completion of the guided trail brochure for Millard Creek has been a success with over 120 brochures collected on the trail.   However, we have not been able to increase our Education & Outreach(E&O) activities to reach more watershed residents. Discussion about the role of all stewards engaging with the public when out in the watershed was enthusiastic. It was agreed that all stewards should have a MPWS vest to identify us and promote discussion when we are out working in the field.

  1. Activities and teams

The need to spread the leadership and organisation of activities was discussed as we need to reduce the reliance on a single group leader and provide coverage for travel etc.

Robin will continue to lead the Fish Monitoring and Sheila the Water Monitoring but they will be asking a couple of people to join them for some planning of activities in the coming months. Tannis Gower has agreed to represent MPWS on the CVCS steering committee (replacing Steve) and will be a lead for development monitoring through that group. Steve will lead the E&O efforts with Sue Minchin and Linda Mcansh. We still need some stewards to organise Riparian Enhancement, planting and invasive removal.

3.MPWS meetings.

The board will reduce their meetings to 4 per year but add 3 general meetings to engage all stewards in the issues and activities of the group. Perhaps each general meeting could have a focus on a relevant activity or issue?

More to come on this in January but ideas welcome in the meantime.

4.MPWS board for 2017.

Following open discussion about required board positions for Executive (required by Societies Act) the 2017 members are; Steve Williams, President; Robin Harrison, Vice President; Marcia Allardice, Treasurer; Sheila Precious, Secretary and Membership.

Directors, Chip Ross, Sue Minchin and Bill Kennedy

Please contact one of the team members above to help with planning.


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