Winter scene at Millard Fence.

Water levels were low this past winter and the weather was cold, so the creek froze over completely at the Millard fence.

Water Quality Testing 2014

Millard Piercy Stewards Water Quality Testing Results for March 2014: 10 sites were tested on 24th March 2014 during quite heavy rain. The results showed that oxygen and Ph levels were very good. Temperatures were a little lower than the proscribed level as is usually the case for this system at this time of the […]

MPWS Water Quality Testing Update

Weekly testing for August/September 2013: Testing on Aug 12 took place at the end of a brief heavy rain shower, the first real rain after several weeks of dry weather. The sites tested on Piercy creek showed high turbidity with the site on Marsden smelling strongly of cow manure and being very muddy. At the […]

Stranded Juvenile Coho Salmon Rescued by Watershed Stewards

 The sunny warm weather of the past few weeks has been greatly appreciated by most people, encouraging them to participate in outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, playing sports and swimming. However, if you were a juvenile salmon living in a small stream, you might have a different opinion of the weather. Summer and early […]

Coho Salmon Smolt Countin Program

Adult coho salmon return to Millard Creek to spawn each year from October to late December.  The resultant fry emerge from the gravel early the following spring and begin to feed and grow.  After spending a year in freshwater, those that survive predation, disease and the effects of summer drought and winter storms migrate to […]

May Water Quality Report

WQ for May 2013 Terry, Bill and Sheila tested the waters on Wednesday, 15th May. There had been heavy rain in the previous 2 days and this moved the pH around a bit and added some turbidity, but generally the water quality was OK. We did consider the water level at Copperfield to be rather […]

Coho Released & Smolts Counted

On Monday afternoon 8,000 hatchery coho fry that had been adipose fin-clipped on Saturday were successfully released at three sites into the Millard Creek side channel. They will now have to fend for themselves and will, hopefully, augment the return of adult salmon to the creek in 2015. Thanks to the volunteers who helped out […]

Water Quality Update

23 March 2013 Sheila, Terry and Linda tested creeks using the proposed new route and covered the whole watershed on the same day. 10 sites were tested and the complete findings can be seen here.  Dissolved oxygen was found to be very good all round; temperatures variable between 4.6 and 7.8; conductivity highest at #41 […]

Coho fry Update

On March 6/13 there was a successful transfer of coho fry from the Kiwanis hatchery with an estimated 9,000 or so being released into Piercy Creek just below the culvert crossing Marsden Road and 4,000 or so being put into the cap trough at Chip’s hatchery. The latter group join the 5,000 already in the […]

Egg Development Update

Here is an update  for this season’s egg development: Enumeration techniques have given us a total of 14,781 eggs in 4 heath trays at the Kiwanis hatchery that are in the process of hatching. At Chip’s cap trough we have 5,595 eggs that were transferred to cassettes yesterday that are about 10 days behind the […]

Public Invited to AGM Dec 6

The doors will be open to the public to join the Millard Piercy Watershed Stewards at their upcoming Annual General Meeting in the lower Native Sons Hall on December 6, 2013 from 7-9pm. Guest speaker, Dr. Scott Wallace, from the David Suzuki Foundation, will give a talk entitled, “A River runs through it, Weddings, Wellness […]

More Broodstock Capture

Well we had another good turn out of volunteers today and caught 7 more fish. We now have 7 females (one clipped) and 8 males (two clipped) in our holding tank.