Millard Piercy Water Testing Sept 9 2014

Linda Cheu and Steph tested on 9th September. Results were fine, where there was water, except for a very low oxygen situation in Piercy Creek at River Meadows and high water temperature at the Willemar Outfall. The pool at Piercy Creek Estates and Cumberland Road still had some flow keeping the oxygen levels up and […]

Millard Piercy Water Quality Testing Sept 2nd 2014.

  Millard Piercy Water Quality Testing Sept 2nd 2014.   Steph, Sheila and Linda C. tested in light rain today . There had not been enough rain to effect the creeks at testing time. All sites were in good shape. The water levels were still low, but there was a slight increase in flow from […]

Millard Piercy Water Quality testing, August 26, 2014

Sheila, Steph and Linda C. tested 11 sites on August 26th 2014. It was a warm sunny day with no rain having fallen for over 10 days. All water levels were low. Surprisingly there was still a small trickle of water in Piercy Creek at Cumberland Road (Piercy Creek Estates) which was enough to maintain […]

Water Testing August 19th 2014

Results here: MPWS Water testing Aug 19 2014 Water Quality Testing on 19th August 2014. An international team performed the testing on the waters of the Millard-Piercy system, representing Honk Kong, UK, US and Canada. Although water levels are quite low everywhere, the quality was generally good, except for two locations. 1) At Piercy Creek at […]

Summer report from our President

MPWS SUMMER UPDATE Hello stewards, This is just to keep everyone up to date with MPWS plans and activities during these summer months Water Monitoring. Sheila and the team will start water quality testing again in the fall, on the 5 week schedule.Thanks to Bill, Terry and Linda for their support.Contact Sheila for more details. […]

Water Quality testing August 12 2014

Today was the start of the 5 week summer testing period. Sheila, Linda M., Steph and Linda C. spent Tuesday morning testing the waters of the Millard Piercy system. With the recent dry weather the water levels were on the low side, but Millard and its Side Channel and Trib 1 of Piercy still had […]

2014 Millard Piercy Smolt Count Summary

                        2014 MILLARD-PIERCY SMOLT COUNTING SUMMARY   Smolt counting fences were installed on Millard and Piercy creeks on April 16 and removed on June 13.  Volunteers counted coho smolts and fry as well as other fish once per day starting April 17.  A sample of […]

Water Quality Testing for May 2014

The water was  low in Piercy Creek and its tributaries when we did the water testing at the end of May, the last test for this Spring.  Only Trib 1 had a good volume of water. At the Willemar Outfall there were lots of fry, but the PH was low, 6.16,  and there was barely […]

Inspection of the Rearing Channel Intake

A meeting of the minds happened on Monday 12 May when DFO staff and local environmental consultants met with volunteers to discuss the naturally occurring enlargement of the water intake to the Millard Rearing Channel.  More sampling of fish presence and monitoring of water levels  is to be performed before any action is taken. .A […]

Coho Salmon Smolt Counting Program

Adult coho salmon return to Millard Creek to spawn each year from October to late December.  The resultant fry emerge from the gravel early the following spring and begin to feed and grow.  After spending a year in freshwater, those that survive predation, disease and the effects of summer drought and winter storms migrate to […]

Water Quality testing results for April 2014

All sites were tested this week.  Oxygen levels were very good, but  Ph was borderline at all sites, hovering around 6.5, down from an average of 7.5 in March.  Water levels were moderate everywhere except at Willemar Outfall, which was quite low.