Piercy Fry Rescue in June 2015

On 17th June, 2015, several stewards “rescued” an estimated 1,500 coho salmon fry plus several trout from Piercy Creek adjacent to Piercy Creek Estates and released them into the enhanced side channel of Millard Creek at the point where the smolt counting fence was set up this year.  Piercy Creek typically drys up into a serious of unconnected pools in the summer and the resulting warm temperatures, low oxygen and increased predation undoubtedly reduce survival.  This morning, the creek was very low but still flowing a little but if the dry weather continues, the water level will continue to decline.  Usually, the water doesn’t get this low until a month or so later.
Thanks to Steve, Marvin, Terry, Linda, Sheila and Jim for helping out today. A photo taken at the release site is attached

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