Stewards Meeting 17th August 2017

Our stewards met at the Red Tree Cafe for an informal meeting to bring everyone up-to-date on projects underway and plan for the Fall. A dozen stewards managed to make the meeting.
Robin informed everyone of the Slomp farm project now underway on Piercy creek. Current Environmental are working to create pools and riffles on this portion of the creek to improve habitat for salmon. The pools and riffles will improve life for fry. Thanks to a generous donation from Lafarge we have put in gravel to create improved spawning grounds for salmon in the Fall. Although the project is still underway, the dissolved oxygen levels in lower Piercy were improved on testing on the 22nd August.

Sheila reported that water quality testing was under way for the dry season. We test for 5 consecutive weeks in August and then test in the wet times of October and November. Linda and Sheila will not be able to test on 29th August, so replacements were found.
Results have been good, with most locations having acceptable levels of oxygen. But temperatures have been high in some locations. Piercy at the Connector Bridge is completely dry, which is not unusual. South of River Meadows, Piercy is very low in oxygen. But Piercy at Cumberland Rd still had running water, which is pleasing considering our dry summer. According to the conductivity readings, it is ground water feeding the creek here.

Robin also described the spawner count which takes place when the salmon return in the fall. He asked for volunteers to help out with program.

We then walked over to Cherry Grove Park, hoping to walk on the new trails created there. Unfortunately the developer had a large ‘No Trespassing’ sign there, so we did not proceed!  It was interesting to note that Trib 6 from Creekside Commons land had some flow. whereas Piercy in Cherry Grove was dry.

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