Water Quality 29 Aug and 5 Sep 2018

Water levels have been very low due to the high heat and almost complete lack of rain. A small shower on 29th Aug was not enough to help. However, water quality has not been too bad. Ph was a little low and temperatures higher than the average acceptable at the end of August. But testing on 5th Sept showed temperatures back to acceptable everywhere.  Oxygen levels have remained good except in Piercy Creek at River Meadows farm where it was very low, as is usual at this location in the summer. Once again we were pleased to find water still running in Piercy Creek at Cumberland Road and fry and a trout were seen in the pool by the culvert. Conductivity results show that groundwater is high in Piercy at Cumberland Road and at River Meadows. Elsewhere conductivity shows levels appropriate for water that is mostly spring fed. Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2018 09 Sep5.

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