Water Quality 5 March 2018

Sheila, Linda Mc, Cheuey and Jim Sharpe went testing on a chilly day. The woods were rather drab with only the smallest signs of spring. The undergrowth was flattened, giving good views through to places normally unseen. The creeks were running at a moderate level, very clear as there had been no rain in the past few days. Water temperatures were lower than the accepted provincial average, but then our creeks always run colder than the average at this time of the year. With the cool water, oxygen levels were high. Oxygen in Millard at the fish fence and at the Confluence showed very high… ┬ámaybe that was because the Oxymeter was being skittish….it was leaping around a lot today. Turbidity was high in Piercy at River meadows farm, but good everywhere else. The results can be seen here:MPWS Water Quality 2018 3 Mar 5

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