Water Quality Aug 15 2017

Sheila and Linda Mc did the rounds of testing on August 15th.

After 7 hot weeks with only 1 shower of rain, it was surprising that Piercy was still flowing at Cumberland Road and above the Slomp farm. Under the Connector, Piercy was completely dry and pretty sluggish south of River Meadows farm. There, oxygen was really low at 4.4 (46%)  and temperature was high-ish. Above the Slomp farm the oxygen level was better as 5.6, but that is still decidedly low as the level should be above 6.5.  We hope that the new pools and riffles being built in this area will improve the water quality next year.

The water temperature at Trib 1 in Millard meadows was a little high, as was the temperature in Milllard at the fish fence.

Still no rain in the forecast some expect no improvement in the coming week.

Results are here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 8 Aug15

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