Water Quality Testing

Sheila, Helmut , Sarah and Charlie (aged 5 yrs) started testing the water quality on 10th August, but , unfortunately both the oxygen meter and the conductivity meter were not behaving. So, after an hour or so, we decided to abandon testing for that week. Charlie did spot a crayfish in Millard up at Comox Logging Road…..not seen crayfish that high up the creek before.

On August 17th Sheila, Helmut and Robin went out and tested all sites except Marsden.  Helmut had replaced the membrane in the Oxygen meter and so it was functional again. The conductivity meter was not working however.

After a period of very hot weather with little rain, the temperatures were on the high side and oxygen was low in Piercy at the Connector and at River Meadows farm.  But it was good to see that Piercy still had running water at the Connector and at Piercy Creek Estates/Cumberland Road.

We saw fry in the Rearing channel, in Piercy at Cumberland Road and in Millard at the old fish fence site above the footbridge above the creek mouth.

There was a huge amount of garbage and camping gear under the Connector. This could be a problem if we have rain storms as the garbage could get washed down the creek. Helmut has contacted the City about this with a photo and we hope that they remedy it soon. View here:

Water Test Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water testing 2020 8 Aug 17

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