Water Quality Testing March 2017

Cheuey, Marcia and Sheila went to test the waters after a night of heavy rain on March 22 2017. As expected, turbidity was high in every site except Millard @ Minto which was only 0.09 NTU.  We added another site to our testing routine, at the Millard fish fence just up from the footbridge. The turbidity reading here was highest of all at 8.15 NTU. The Oxy meter did not like having to do an extra measurement and quit on us at this site!.  Otherwise oxygen was high, pH acceptable  and temperature low for provincial standards, but standard for our creek at this time of the year. We had thought the temps would be lower than usual after this chilly winter.

Testing results can be found here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 03 March

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