Water Quality testing May 27th 2021

Steve, Marcia and Sheila performed the monthly water testing for May on the 27th May.  Water levels had been low but were increased over the previous night with much needed rain. This caused a little turbidity throughout the system, but nothing out-of-the ordinary…except on Piercy at Marsden where the spring water emerges from the farm. Here the turbidity was quite high at 9.64 NTU with smelly foaming water. Oxygen here was very low at 40%.  In contrast to this, the oxygen level in the water from Millard springs on Minto Road was 89% and turbidity -0.05.

Elsewhere,  water quality was good, though turbidity at Piercy at Cumberland Road was little high. The results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2021 5 May.pdf

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