Water Quality Testing Nov 17th 2015

Linda M, Cheuey and Sheila went testing on a wet day after a big rain storm. Turbidity should not be higher than 8 NTU at this time of the year and it was high (13) in Trib 1 south of River Meadows and in Millard (11) just above the confluence.  Even the side channel was showing more turbidity than usual. Now that the soils have become saturated, rain water could be running off and taking silt with it. These areas will be checked again when a new storm comes in again. Here is a small graph showing the Piercy turbidity readings starting from the upper parts of the creek MPWS Water Turbidity in Piercy Chart 2015 11 Nov 17. And here is the Millard turbidity from the upper area down to the confluence MPWS Water Turbidity in Millard 2015 11 Nov 17 2013

The overall testing results are found here:MPWS Water Quality 2015 11 Nov 17

This testing run is the last one planned until spring testing in March 2016.

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