Water Quality Update

23 March 2013

Sheila, Terry and Linda tested creeks using the proposed new route and covered the whole watershed on the same day.

10 sites were tested and the complete findings can be seen here.  Dissolved oxygen was found to be very good all round; temperatures variable between 4.6 and 7.8; conductivity highest at #41 Millard and Minto at 180.

According to the BC guidelines, PH should be over 6.5, and under 9.0. Most sites were very close to the minimum  6.5

Yet low pH was found at these sites:

#41 Millard @ Minto-  pH of 5.7

#38 Piercy Trib 1 @Arden  –  pH of 6.2

#61 Piercy @ Confluence –  pH of 6.1


Turbidity in March should not be above 6.3.

Yet high turbidity was found at these sites:

#53 Millard @ Confluence at 7.71

#31 Millard @ CLR at 6.65

#20 Piercy River Meadows at 6.76

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