Water testing 14 Sept 2020

On Sept 14th Helmut and Sheila tested the waters. After several days with thick smoke in the air blocking the sun the water temperatures were noticeably lower than our previous tests. The longer nights  also help keep the temps lower and oxygen higher.
With no rain since mid-August, water levels were very low. However, there was still water running in Piercy Main at Cumberland Rd  and under the bridge at the Connector, sites which usually run dry in the summer.
Oxygen was low below River Meadows farm in Piercy and at Marsden, but elsewhere oxygen was high in Millard and acceptable in Piercy.
The water flow was very small from the Knopps farm on Marsden and the turbidity was high there at nearly 17 ntu.  During August and September the average turbidity at this site has been well over the recommended provincial average of 8 ntu. Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2020 09 Sept14 2020

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