Water Testing Nov 7 2017

After several days of unusually cold weather and 2 snow falls, Sheila, Linda and Ron went out testing, slithering around in the snow in some areas,  on a chilly morning with temperature at 2C and full cloud cover.  The turbidity meter was too cold to calibrate at first, but it later warmed up and we could use it. But the chilly start affected the calibration and it recorded most tests as negative.   I have checked this out and learnt that next time we will have to recalibrate when it has warmed up. Oxygen readings were good everywhere, and pH, altho on the low side, was at acceptable levels. The temperature recordings were very low at several sites, below the average level acceptable for November, and very cold for so early in the month. I have no record of temperature having been so low in our testing before. Last year the temperatures in November were up around 9C, today 4 locations were 2C.

Results can be viewed here:MPWS Water Quality 2017 11 Nov7

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