Who We Are

Meet the Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards!

A small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens…that is changing the world!

We are residents, stakeholders, concerned citizens, volunteers, families, citizen scientists, naturalists and educators who share a respect and concern for the biologically diverse and threatened Millard-Piercy Watershed.

The Stewards first came together in 1994 as the “Dippers,” a group of residents concerned about the health of local streams. In 1998, the “Millard-Piercy Watershed Stewards” incorporated as a non-profit society. Over the years we have worked to protect and enhance the Watershed, and have built credibility amongst all sectors of the community.  Collectively our volunteers donate 2300 hours per year; a contribution worth $34,000!

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Mission Statement


“To assess, restore, and maintain the ecosystems of the Millard Piercy Watershed.”

What We Do

  • We meet with like-minded people who value the watershed.
  • We learn about salmon enhancement and what keeps the watershed healthy
  • We spend time outdoors


Our Programs and Goals were developed during planning sessions throughout the summer of 2012.  Visit the Programs and Goals page for more information.


Our Achievements

The many achievements of the MPWS Stewards can be found below under previous programs:

   Planning, Assessment and Monitoring  


Coho Eggs
Coho Eggs

  Protection and Education  

  • Delivered educational programs including: Backyard Habitat Workshops, the Streamside Stewardship Program, and our much-loved interpretive Watershed Walks
  • Engaged watershed stakeholders with workshops to identify and build support for policies and actions to protect the watershed [link to May 2008 Protection Focus Group Interim Report and September 2008 Protection Focus Group Final Report]
  • Provided valuable advice and educational resources for developers  – [link to H. Beckett and R. Leonard, October 2008 Case Study: Creekside Commons; Alternative Development handbook (locate first!)]
  • Supported willing landowners to register Section 219 conservation covenants to protect critical riparian habitat on their lands
  • Completed voluntary Stewardship Agreements with private landowners in the watershed [information available?]
  • Contributed knowledge and expertise to local government land use planning and policy development [link to 2009 South Courtenay Local Area Plan submission and January 2010 Millard-Piercy Watershed Gap Analysis report]


 Restoration and Enhancement
  • Operated a coho salmon micro-hatchery since 2004
  • Enhancement through complexing of nearly 2km of salmon habitat  (1999-2001)
  • Used Goats and other practices to control invasive plants (link to report)
  • Restored ## metres of riparian area with native plants [information available?]
  • Established a spawning and rearing channel on Millard Creek


Find out more about past projects, reports, studies, programs here.

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